Being a foreigner in this country, I just had my first experience with the expensiveness of the summer season. My husband and I work full time, so our kids go to daycare while Mom and Dad are slaving away at work. The cost of daycare tends to go up every summer, mostly because of the field trips the’ll be taking. My son’s daycare provider stated that the children do not have to go on field trips in order to receive care. But I think it’d be heart-breaking to have him to be the only one in daycare while the rest of the class are gone to the swimmping pool or zoo or whatnot.

My daughter, on the other hand, is with a different ‘daycare’. She goes to after school program which called ‘Kids Club’ and they only take care children who are the school’s students. I don’t recall seeing any forewarnings about field trips. Whether or not a staff would stay behind if a child can’t participate in field trips.

The cost for my son’s daycare is 130 dollars per week. Additional 10 dollars is required if you want to go on field trips, which is twice a week. Kids Club costs 110 dollars with no additional fee for field trips. But, they don’t provide lunch. Parents need to send lunch everyday and that is an extra to our grocery expense to buy the ‘extra stuff’ to make her easy lunch to take with.

Summer with no school could also mean doing programs or activities like camp, sports, dance, etc. That means: extra money. While most parents enroll their kids to the city’s program which is cheaper, the more serious (read: ambitious) parents send their kids to the private ones. And they tend to be more expensive.

The expensiveness of summer had cost my coworker greatly. She quit her full time job as a medical receptionist last week to stay at home with her kids, while her husband keep his job as an assistant manager of a fairly big grocery store chains. She had told me that with what she made, deducted by the cost of daycare for her two kids, she’s just making a dollar a day. And that’s not including gas.

My other coworker who is a full time lab technician, was forced to find a second job. Yesterday she informed me that she got a jab at the local hospital as a lab tech also. Her ‘other’ work hour? 4:30 in the morning until 7:30, then she’ll work at our clinic from 8 to 5.