My guilty pleasure show So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) 3 had started a couple of weeks ago. But tonight is the night where the 20 contestants are going to perform with a specific coreography created for them. Last year’s coreography was ranging from Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, and even the macho Passo Doble! I’m excited to find out about this year’s. Hm, any chance of Balinese dance coreography being introduced?

Out of the 20, three contestants are related to last year’s contestants. Lacey Schwimmer (18) is a Swing and International Latin and is the sister fo Benji, last year’s winner. Lacey has killer moves when it comes to West Coast Swing, Cha Cha, Samba, and Cabaret. But could she handle Mia Michaels‘ complicated yet beautiful lyrical coreography?

Faina Savich (21) is a Latin Ballroom dancer whose brother Stanislav also competed last year. Then the third one is Danny Tidwell (23), the half brother of Travis Wall who was the runner up from last year. Danny has an intensive training in Contemporary/Jazz dance and his portfolio here looks very promising. Is that why he’s so cocky? Both judges Shane Sparks and Mia Michaels do not think that Danny has a good personality and that it’d be hard to win viewer’s vote over.

I personally like Lauren Gottlieb. She’s 18 and has a Contemporary/Jazz background. Last season, she was the coreographer assistant and had worked. Lauren appears to be such a sweet girl with good dance ethic. Hok Konishi (22), the breakdancer. He tried SYTYCD for three seasons and he finally got in to the Top 20. Very humble person with an amazing (if not crazy) moves. I don’t think he could win this, but sure hope he’d go far in this competition.

Got the spoiler from this site about the pairings for the night and also the style of dance they’ll be performing:

1. Anya & Danny — Jive
2. Pasha & Jessi — Smooth Waltz
3. Neil & Lauren — Club Salsa (*)
4. Chuy & Sara — Pop Jazz
5. Cedric & Faina — Hip Hop
6. Jaimie & Hok — Hip Hop (*)
7. Sabra & D-trix — Disco
8. Shauna & Jimmy — Broadway
9. Lacey & Kameron — Contemporary
10. Ashlee & Ricky — Argentine Tango (*)

I think the (*) will be hot!