Do women in their thirties really need to have ‘beauty regiment’? Or am I too late? Before my recent birthday (a week ago), I’ve never heard of such thing. Then I overheard a radio talk show on my way to work, discussing the importance of beauty regiment for women over thirty. Blah. Hearing the words ‘beauty regiment’,  makes me think of a batallion of skin care products wearing armor suit, jousts on their little hands, marching to go to war. To fight what? Aging? Pfft. I turned 34 this year and I’d say, “Bring it on!” to aging.

What is beauty regiment exactly? It’d differ to every woman, I guess. But in summary, it’s a group of beauty products (for your face, body, or hair) other than make ups/cosmetics you use daily to help enhanced your performance. Geesh, I sound like the owner of an auto body shop.

For a person who is very self conscious about appearance, her beauty regiment would probably contain all this. And we’re talking about 200 dollars worth of regiment. I don’t know how long each product will last, but one of them is a tiny bottle 1.7 fl oz for over-night biological peel for 40 dollars. Hot damn!

Hats off to all women who are religiously doing this routine and never miss a ritual. From applying the face lifting solution every night before bedtime,  to using the wrinkle reducer for around the eyes twice a day; these are the only two examples of many more. Heck, it’s amazing enough for me if I can remember to wash my face off before I go to bed. My husband’s no longer shocked seeing me getting up in the morning with raccoon eyes.

*My beauty regiment for face? Clean & Clear facial wash, Olay moisturizer, Neutrogena foundation, Cover Girl compact powder, Revlon eye products, Maybelline ShinyLicious lip gloss, deodorant, and Body Shop White Musk body spray. 

And that’s only for the face area. I haven’t mention hair grooming. It’s as complicated as the face care. Having a super fine Asian hair, I have never comb my hair after every shower. Just air dry it. Have you ever gone to a fancy hair cut place with shelves and more shelves of hair product? Right after your hair cut, the hairstylist would come up to you and suggested a leave-in conditioner or some anti-frizz styling solution. “Just for additional 80 dollars,” said the perky hairdresser with 3 different hair color. Uhh… no thanks. Still, a lot of people are not confident leaving the house unless they put one pound of hair gel or forming cream and spend half an hour tring to make their hair in a certain way (spiky, christmas tree-like, or whatever) then spray a bottle of hair spray so their hair won’t even moved an inch when the wind blows.

*My beauty regiment for hair is Sunsilk Anti-Flat threesome: shampoo, conditioner, and the weightless volumizing creme. All of them for no more than 26 dollars.

So, back to beauty regiment. I don’t disagree to the fact that we all -with a certain limitation- have our own beauty regiment. From the ridiculously expensive to the savvy one. I’d rather spend my money, time, and energy on some other important stuff than putting chemicals onto my face to ‘peel’ it in order to have a younger look. While others, well… think differently and own an army of beauty regiments.