Our little family really loves to share. We teach our kids the value of sharing since they’re very little. We share almost everything. Including sickness. Hubby came home from his 2 weeks vacation from China not feeling so good. Sinus pressure, cough, and lack of sleep. Very lack of sleep. Just two days after he’s home, I’m down with sore throat and high fever. Tried to tough it up on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday I had to call work and see my doctor. The night before, my fever was up to 101.7 F and my throat feels like it’s on fire. They drew my blood for CBC and did a throat swab. Diagnosis: strep throat. I came home with my trusted Z-pak (didn’t mean to advertise here)

Davi wasn’t feeling healthy either since Tuesday. She complained about headaches, stomachache, and mild fever but didn’t say anything about a sore throat. While I went to see my doctor, Doug took Davi to her doctor. She came home with nothing, didn’t even have a throat swab or blood drawn. The pediatrician did not think she’s sick enough to be medicated. But he did give Doug a prescription for antibiotics, only if Davi’s worsening tonight. And yes, she did.

So there we were, Davi and I, on my bed, like dry vegetables. ‘Quarantined’ so we won’t give the sickness to Dante. Hey, weren’t we suppose to be sharing? Doug’s getting a little better but still can’t get enough sleep. Jet lag was still bothering him. He’s SO not interested to have our sickness shared. He did take care of us, no questions about it. I just can’t help but giggle the way he stand far by the door when he talk to us. Didn’t want to sit on the bed, no touchy, no hugs. When he’s in the room and one of us (Davi or me) sneezed, he’d go away immediately.

Davi got it bad. I was fine after the day two of my antibiotics. But my daughter’s fever was so darn stubborn and won’t go away easily. Her throat hurt so bad, she yelped almost all the time she swallow and cry. “I don’t like my neck hurted like this, Mom,” she weeped. She meant her throat. It’s heart breaking to see her struggling with the fever. The highest one would be 102.6 F, which made her somewhat delirious. She was also prescribed the same antibiotics like mine,with different strength, of course. It took her 4 days to finally get over the fever.

When Friday afternoon she finally got up from my bed and asked me to play Wii with her, I knew that she’s all better.