Today’s my birthday. One less year to live. Should I celebrate it? I really don’t want to. I want to be with my family longer. But hey… not everybody’s looking at birthdays that way, right? So when my coworkers sang the Happy Birthday song in unison (or so they tried), I just grinned like a half wit.

My family back home in Indonesia emailed me the birthday wishes. Putra, my youngest brother who is 19 was so cute. He wrote, “… I would’ve wished you good luck but maybe you don’t believe in it. So, I hope you have a happy life, happy family, happy at work, and happy in everything that you do.” He he he, he’s getting wiser.

Hubby and the kids were so sweet this morning. They apologized for not saying the Happy Birthday earlier than 7:00 am. We were at the kitchen table having breakfast when all of the sudden Doug yelled out, “OH!!” then covering his mouth. Followed by another loud, “TODAY’S MOM’S BIRTHDAY GUYS!”  Just before I go to work around 7:30ish, my daughter gave me a little sparkly purse (of hers) and gave it to me as a birthday present. I reached in and found some crumpled Kleenex and in between, a bug bracelet. It’s actually hers, as yesterday, as a gift from her Dad from China.

Davi: “Will you wear it today to work, Mom?”
It didn’t actually ‘go’ with my work clothes, but looking at her eyes, I couldn’t resist.
Me: “Sure, honey.”

She had made me a handmade birthday card, and like always, she amazed me. I gave her a big hug and thanked her again and again. Didn’t want to look like a loser, Dante dashed to his room and came back with something behind his back.

Dante: “Mom, I have a surprise for youuu…”
Actually, I could see his toy truck he’s trying to hide.
Me: “Yea? What is it?”
Dante unvealed the ‘present’: “Happy Birthday!!!”
Me: “Oh… thank you, Dante.”
Dante: “You can bring it to work too, Mom.”
It’s a blue toy truck with big woofers and speakers that will play Queen’s We Will Rock You if you hit certain buttons.
Me: “Umm… no thanks, Dante. I don’t think my boss would like it.”
Dante: “Oh, OK.”

Gosh, I love my kids!