clicket.comMy daughter Davi is a smart cookie, and have a tendency to be sneaky, I’m afraid.
Last night, she had lost another tooth. It was tooth number three. She had misplaced the previous two, so she’s guarding this one with her life. She put the little-but-no-so-pearly-white-anymore tooth in a tiny silver box her dad had brought back from Thailand. Then she carried the tiny box around the house until bed time’s approaching. She knows that tooth fairy is not real. But she faced a dilemma:

Davi: “Mom, is it true that tooth fairy gives you money if you give her your tooth?”
Me: “Well… only if you believe in tooth fairy, she’d do that.”
Davi: “Umm, I think I do believe in her.”
Me: “I thought you said you didn’t. But that’s OK. It’s your choice, honey.”
Davi: “Umm, I think it’s the parents who put the money under our pillows. Right, Mom?”
Me: “Well…”
Davi: “And I don’t really want the fairy to take my tooth away.”
Me: “I see.”
Davi: “So could you get up super early tommorow morning and put the money under my pillow? But don’t take my tooth, OK, Mom?”
Me: “…”

And so I did. Being a good Mom that’s me, I slipped a dollar bill underneath her pillow this morning before I officially wake her up to get ready for school. Btw, how much is the ‘average payment’ that a tooth fairy would pay, anyway?