The main reason we moved to this neighborhood (which is a newer subdivisions in our town) was because we’re tired of living on a very busy street. There were no kids around the old neighborhood, and even though we have a fenced double lot, we’re still concern with the kids’ safety. The thought of the kids opening the gate to chase a ball off to the busy street’s keep haunting us. So off we moved to a less busy neighborhood (read: fancier) with neat houses and lots of children. Davi even has three classmates live just few houses away from us. My kids can play ooutside on the frontyard with no worries, riding their bikes on the sidewalk safely. Isn’t it neat?

Little did I know that I’m surrounded by neighbors who are very finicky about their lawns. Most of the lawns in this neighborhood are mowed on a certain way: diagonally. Looks like somebody paint these lawns in a stripe-y fashion. I swear, there are even the hardcore ones around here. Those who mow the lawn diagonally twice in different direction, thus creating ‘the checkers’ effect. Who are these people?

Meticulously maintained, my neighbors’ lawns are always green and never gotten any taller than 5 inch. No weeds in sight. Built-in sprinkler system’s planted on certain spots of their lawns. Always goes off on a certain time of day, I bet these households’ water bills are not cheap. No wonder the city had asked the town residents to go easy on watering their lawns last year, we had a water shortage last summer. Our lawn is looking rather pathetically. With the brownish green color and when-I-remember-to-do-it-twice-a-week watering system, our lawn may not be the best in the hood, but it ain’t so bad.

And to hire professionals to mow your lawn? C’mon… that’s a little too much, I think. And we’re talking those professionals on wheels, not the ones with the pushers. Gosh, I think I saw my backyard neighbor hired both for last summer.

Speaking of the devil, do you care of how you look when you mow your lawn? I could’ve swear that my neighbors would go to their walk in closet, put on their ‘mowing outfit’ plus some shades, and double checking on how you look in the mirror before you go outside and get dirty and sweaty. I envy those guys who could mow the lawn with a beer in their hand, looking sharp, and doing it painlessly. I just mowed the lawn (again) a couple of days ago, in the same time with my other backyard neighbor. She’s wearing her matching aerobics outfit while I [realized later on] dressed like a Mexican gangsta: camping pants with a flannel shirt plus a bandana. No wonder she looked rather uneasy and smiled back hesitantly when I waved to her. Whaddup, hombre?