With hubby gone to China for about 2 weeks, I need to come up with a fun plan for the weekends. Good timing with Shrek the Third opening’s last Friday. Took the kids to the 7:45 pm play at our local movie theatre. We got there around 7:25 pm, took 5 minutes to get the tickets, popcorn, soda, and candy. At first we were going to play in the arcade area before we go in, but I have a weird feeling about going in sooner. Shrek was playing in three theatres that night, and ours was almost full when we walked in around 7:35 pm. The kids enjoyed the movie, and I personally think it was just OK. It’s not as good as the first one, but sequel isn’t usually as good as the first one, right?

Saturday, we went to a park in the morning with Max. After lunch, we drove around town running errands. I was about to kill myself mowing the lawn in the afternoon, cleaning up, then watering the plants *goes to show how much I lack exercise* Went to bed at night with a sore body and blistery hands.

Davi’s been asking me to take her to the zoo. So this Sunday we went to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. It’s probably been a year since the last time we visit the zoo. Instead of the petting zoo, they now have the Kids Kingdom. I’m glad, because the petting zoo’s like a germ farm, anyway. You let your kids pet (or feed) the little baby goats, lambs, or chicks, then you realize that the antibacterial soap dispenser is not working. I remember when Davi was about 2 years old, she was chased around by a goat because Davi kept holding the food in her hand instead of giving it to the ornary goat.

Blank Park Zoo

See my Tabblo>

After three and a half hours, we decided to go home. The kids were getting tired and cranky and all they cared about was to get a freakin’ ice cream cone. No way I’d buy them ice cream here. Been spending too much already. So we stopped at good ol’ McD to have ice cream cones, and afterwards, we went to a park. Golly… sometimes I wish I have my kids’ energy. They’re just like the Energizer bunny!

[In the car on our way home]

“Sooooo… did you kids have fun today?”
“This is the bestest day ever, Mom! Thank youuuuu…”

A little too dramatic, but hey… I’d take it.