most hated man in hollywood?There is a new and easy way to be famous nowadays. All you’d need is a computer, an Internet access, and the ability to be super bitchy in bashing celebrities. Take Perez Hilton, for example. Real name’s Mario Lavandeira -not as sexy as Perez Hilton, of course. His notorious blog which claimed itself as Hollywood’s Most Hated Website has a lot of both fans and haters. Each of his postings would easily have 60+ comments; contain both agreement and disagreement with what he wrote. More nastiness will easily be found in these comments. People who are agree with Perez would bash the celeb even more, while for those who don’t agree would attack Perez himself. For instance, this posting about Grey’s Anatomy’s Isaiah Washington. Calling himself ‘Queen of All Media’, Perez has a habit of doodling stuff (photoshop) on the celebs’ picture. Very immature [and nasty too]. Just take a peek here.

His bitchiness had awarded him fame. His birthday bash was reported on TV like any other [real] celebrity. He’s also interviewed by magazines, quoted here and there, and even ‘awarded’ by E! Weekly as one of most famous Internet personas -along with YouTube’s Lonelygirl15 and the Diet Coke & Mentos duo. Hey… bitchiness pays off!

Good ol’ Indonesia has something similar: Who Do You Think He Are by Mpok Jane and Neng Sarah (aliases, of course). What’s up with the bad grammar? There’s actually a story behind it. ‘Who do you think he are’ is a phrase that was made notoriously by an Indonesian celeb Sarah Azhari when interviewed by the national TV. This one’s more focused to fashion. Policing Indonesian celebreties on their appearance, their postings are really hurtful. Take this one, for example.

Unlike Perez whose face (and pink hair) is well known in all media, the owner of WDYTHA is still anonymous. Are there really two of them? Are these bitches really females or queers? They must be Indonesian with a very strong background of English (this blog is well written in English). They’re quite famous, alright. Two ezines (electronic magazine) wrote about the heartless duo, favorited by many Indonesian [female] bloggers. No public appearance so far.

So go ahead and create a bitch blog, not only it’d show that you’re so much better than others, but you’d be famous too…