Is there a nice(r) way to tell these moms to stop calling for their 20++ year old sons? They’re adults. Have them call the doctor’s office themselves. Stop babying them. I know a mom’s love is forever, but seriously… calling to make an appointment for your son’s genital warts? If they’re old enough to have sex and get STD, they’re old enough to make their own appointments! Puh-lease

It’s weird… for some reason, it’s always mom-son thing. Hardly ever mom-daughter, let alone dad-son or dad-daughter. Huh.

It’s a different story if your son is mentally challenged, deaf, or chronically ill. We’re familiar with our patients quite a bit, unfortunately. So we know when the mother of 23 year old John Smith call, that John is not mentally challenged, and mom can’t make the appointment for him. Unless, John is severely ill with 102 fever, chills, and can’t get up from bed.

I’ve tried to be polite, “Ma’am, since John is over 18, he needs to make this appointment.”
“Yes, that’s why I’m calling. John needs to be seen today.”
Obviously, this lady has a hearing problem. Or completely ignoring me.
“No, Ma’am. John himself needs to call us.”
“Well, this is his mother.”
I wanted to say, “So?” so bad, but instead, “Uh-huh?”
“Are you saying I can’t make appointment for my son?”
“Not if he’s older than 18.”
“Why is that?”
HIPAA law protects his privacy right even from his own parents. Unless he had signed the Coordination of Care form to have his mommy calling to set up an appointment or discuss his medical problem.”
“Well, that’s bullshit. And were you trying to make fun of me?”
“No, Ma’am.”