Please visit with our reception staff when you arrive.
Thank you

Doesn’t it sound stupid?
It makes patient think that they need to come to us and chit-chat.
“Hi, how are you today? What do you think of the weather?” Or some other lame visit.
They enjoy the blank look on our face (Err… ‘scuse me? Do I know you?) followed by, “Well, the sign says I need to visit with the receptionists.”
D’uh. Ha-ha.

No, I don’t want you to visit with me. Especially if you’re chronically ill and contagious. Don’t spread your germs around. Stay where you are. Sit. Far away from  my desk.

I told our office manager about it but she just shrugged and pretty much said that it’s a Corporate wordings. Hmm… probably it’s a Midwestern thing. I think it’d be better if it says ‘Please let the receptionists know that you are here for your appointment’. In that case, we won’t forget to check you in on time and won’t forget all about you.

PS: And you can keep your germs to yourself, thank you very much.