I’ve never thought that taking two little ones to a swimming lesson could be a PIMA (pain in my ass). Especially when the weather’s not cooperating. I enrolled Davi (6) and Dante (4 1/2) to a swimming lesson held by the town, not the super ambitious and competitive one. Just for fun. You know… just to find some activities for them after school instead of having them watch TV or playing video games all night.

Little did I know that there are a lot of annoying things involved. For instance, how to decide if we need to wear a coat or not. In the fall/spring season, the indoor swimming pool normally cranks the heat up to 80 degrees (or feel like it); but yet the kids are still shivering when they’re getting out of the pool. The poor parents, on the other hand, are sweating in their long sleeves shirt or sweaters. I tried to get away with it by wearing a short sleeves shirt plus a coat/jacket. Works great indoor, no sweats nor steamy glasses. But a pain to haul those coats to the shower room. We’re not regulars, so we don’t have lockers. Tried to put three coats on those tiny benches, but after I’m done shampooing the kids in the showers, I found our coats ended up on the floor. Those bastards!

The other thing is how to decide between sandals or shoes. Ideally, I’d like them to just wear flip-flops. Guess what? It’s too cold for the kids, especially after the swimming lesson. Where their little toes wrinkled like dried prune after being in the water for 30 minutes. I think it’s just silly to wear socks and shoes to a swimming pool. My poor little beach bag looks like it’s about to blow up with the kids’ clothes, coats, shoes, my book, my purse and some snacks in it.  

I hate dislike taking my son into the girl’s shower. Why? Because most of the ‘big girls’ (read: adult female) will not hesitant at all to go butt naked. I know it’s probably not a big deal for people who were born and raised here, but it is for me. I don’t even do it myself. My 6 year old daughter won’t even let me take her swimming suit off with towel around her. She’d rather go behind the door. Sometimes, when my head is clear, I’d do that. But there are some days where I don’t have any patience. The days where I’d prefer to be on my own bed intead of a steamy shower with bunch of naked strangers at 8 o’clock at night. Other than kids’ swimming lesson, the pool is also shared with the Special Olympics athletes in the same time period. So of course, we share the shower with the female athletes as well. Without any intention to degrade them, I’ve noticed that they don’t really care about taking their clothes off in front of everybody in the shower and laughing and talking to each other when they’re, you know, naked. I had to lie to my daughter when she asked, “Mom, is she a little kid or a big person? She talks like a little kid but she got big boobies.” Crap… gotta come up with something fast. So I told her, “Well of course she’s a big person, she’s just being silly and talks like a little girl.” And snatched my kids out of there in a flash. I figure, heck… I can explain ‘mentally challenged’ people to the kids later.