Another school-environment shootings happened yesterday, Monday 4/16/07, in Virginia Tech in the Blue Ridge Mountains area of southwestern Virginia. Gosh. The number of casualties put this tragedy as the deadliest school shooting in the United States history. Thirty-three people were killed including the gunman who shot himself to death.

Wasn’t it just six month ago we were shocked by the Amish school shooting? Where five schoolgirls were shot execution-style before the killer turning the gun on himself? I wrote how I felt about it here.

And wait… just less than a month before the Amish school shootings, a gunman fatally shot a female student and then killed himself at the Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, CO shooting.

Remember Columbine? April 1999, when two teenage students carried out a shooting rampage at the Columbine High School in CO, killing twelve students and a teacher. They wounded 24 others, before comitting suicide. Thus, making this incident to be the third-deadliest of US history of school shootings.

Seeing the pattern here? The shooter(s) ended up killing themselves. What gives?
My guesses would be:
1. They’re cowards, don’t want to get caught and beaten by the cops.
2. They don’t care about their lives, let alone anybody elses.
3. They’re so full of anger, got tired of living their lives in anger, and just want to end it right there.
4. They don’t have the balls to be on trial and face the families and friends of the people killed.
5. They’re whacked out psycho who just don’t care about anybody or anything.

However, an exception goes to the 1966 University of Texas shooter. He killed his wife and mother the night before he decided to go climb the University’s 27-story tower and shot at passersby. Fifteen people were killed and 31 were wounded. But hey… at least he didn’t  shoot himself to death. He was shot to death by the police officers. For some sick reason, I respect this instead of the gut-less shooter(s). 

Cho Seung-hui (23), the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech massacre, committed suicide with a gunshot to his head. Complete references can be found here. In summary, I’d say the stressor was the society. I’m not saying that the society mistreated him, but rather,he’s holding A LOT of grudges for the society. Born and raised in a poor Korean family who later moved to the U.S. and experienced unfairness of being a minority. All that, and the rejection from the fellow female student he got his crush on. 

Charles Carl Roberts IV (32) was the sick bastard who shot five school girls at the back of their heads. I can’t emphasize enough how sick he was… but the police did find a tube of KY Jelly among the items he brought to the school. Should I remind you what’s the use of KY Jelly again? His suicide notes stated that he was still angry at God for the death of a premature infant daughter nine years prior. WTF?  I personally don’t think that’s a valid excuse to cowardly kill yourself after killing the children. Let’s see, from here I learned that this guy got a history of molestation and been daydreaming about molesting again. Eew… icky gross. In short, I’d say the stressor was eroticized mental violence for some time — what criminologists refer to as rehearsal fantasies (

Talking about molesting hostages before killing them, there’s a Duane Roger Morrison (53), the gunman of Platte Canyon High School shootings. He let the male students go while holding six female students hostage. It has been reported that he sexually assaulted the hostages while in the classroom. Negotiations freed 4 of the 6 girls. All hell broke loose when the police stormed in and the gunman shot a girl and himself dead. This site thought that the stressor was child abuse. His rambling 14-page suicide letter stated that he was never able to function normally, and it was time to end his pain.

Eric Harris (18) and Dylan Klebold (17), the Columbine shooters. This page has a great article about why they did it. Not because of ‘Revenge against the Bullies’ and (later I found out) definitely not just a school shooting. It was bigger than that. Harris was the Psychopath, while Klebold was the Depressive one. The stressor? I’m going to go with society. It was explained that Harris was disgusted by the morons around him. He’s a person with a messianic-grade superiority complex, out to punish the entire human race for its appalling inferiority. Klebold was more a depressive, hotheaded, and suicidal. Harris was, according to the article, the mastermind.

Like many self-haters, these shooters wanted their live to end. They twist their anger toward others, targeting people who had nothing to do with their pain. Why not just kill themselves, then? I wish it would be that simple…