india palace awesome buffet


I’d be very happy to be a vegetarian IF only I could cook as good as these people or have them promise to stay open forever and ever. Indian food is amazingly delicious and their veggie dish are out of this world. When I go to an Indian restaurant, I normally played it safe and order the food I’m familiar with. It all changed when ‘India Palace’ came along. Ideally located at Campustown, India Palace took over what was known as an underground pizza restaurant. Been here for about 7 months now (not very sure, though), India Palace is growing strong.

I tell you what makes this place worth a visit:

  • Amazing buffet lunch for $5.99 per person. Hot and delicious food; naan bread, rice with peas, veggie dish, tandoori chicken, salads, and desserts.
  • dal makhany, anybody?Their mango lassi.
  • Reasonably priced package for dinner. For instance, ‘Maharani’ package is a good deal for two person meal; easily fed our family of four.
  • Ideally located in Campustown, easily reached from everywhere.
  • They maintain the quality of the food.
  • Very friendly (too friendly, sometimes) owners.

I only have an hour lunch every day at work. Sometimes it’s just not long enough if I have errands to do. It takes me 15 minutes to drive home, then another 15 minutes back. In half an hour, I need to prepare and eat my lunch, let my dog out to do his business, call him back in, also take care of my business before head back to work. So when I have to do errands or just don’t feel like going back and forth home, I’ll call hubby to ask him to join me for lunch at India Palace. He loves this place as well, not too hard to persuade him to go there to have lunch with me. It’s just a 5 minutes drive away from my office. Park the car, put a qurter into the parking meter slot, walk in to the restaurant, got seated, answer “Water’s just fine for me”, up again to grab the food at the buffet, eat, get up again to get more food, eat, then pay. All of this in less than 25 minutes.

When we’re done eating and in line to pay, there’s a loooong wait already for people waiting to be seated. This is usually happens around 12:30 pm. So if you happen to be about in Ames, is looking for a good place for lunch (and liking Indian food, of course), this is the place to be. I’m not a 100% sure, but I think kids eat free for lunch (or is it half price?) and they do have booster seats for the kids as well as high chairs for toddlers.