Today we decided to get out of Playa del Carmen (PdC), get on Highway 370 to go farther south.  A lot of road construction was going on. Lanes switched with no warning signs, threw us off from time to time. Sharing a lane with no lane divider and seeing cars coming from opposite direction, making me jumpy. Oh what fun!

With no apparant reason, we turned into Akumal. What a big difference from PdC. Akumal is quiter, less partying or souvenir vendors. Private beach houses with their back to the road and their front to the beach. Not easy to access the best beach because the only way is if you rent the property. Definitely the getaway from the hustle and bustle. A good location for a therapy for your soul. Stopped at a bar by the Jade beach to stretch our legs out and have a snack -heavenly nachos!

Then we drove to Tulum, the ‘walled city’ that was built by the ancient Maya on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean sea. When driving on the reoad from Akumal to Tulum (not on highway 370), you’d arrived at a secondary gate to enter the Tulum ruins. There’s no parking fee here (unlike the main gate if you’re entering from the highway 370); but the walking distance was longer -about half a mile away. Still need to pay the entrance fee, with additional fee for a tour guide. A better explanation of Tulum ruins is here. As for myself, I’m amazed on how detailed some of the stone works were. The presence of some iguanas made the prehistoric feelings even deeper. They’re everywhere! Lurking on every corner of the ruins, starring at you, then gave you the tongue! How rude…
The beach here is perfect for body surfing. Beach’s kind of short and rocky, with no amenities. Just be prepared to see some people changing their clothes behind the rocks.

Tulum Ruins, Journey to the Past

Pics by Diny. Taken in Tulum, MX. March 07.See my Tabblo>