As soon as we arrived at our condohotel, I unpack our stuff while hubby get groceries. Then we walked to the Mamitas beach. It’s a very nice beach, perfect for children. Wide beach with soft sand, calm wave, and lots of beach chairs with umbrellas (you’ll have to pay about $4 for one).

Done with the beach, we strolled the famous 5th Avenue (Quinta Avenida) and the other streets around. Souvenir shops, tour guide booths, boutiques, restaurants, pizza stands, cafes, and even tattoo/piercing shops. We found a local art ‘museum’ own by an interesting lady who then recommend us to a Spanish restaurant for lunch. In the scale 1 to 10, with 10 being superb, I’ll give this restaurant a 7.

Tired of walking. Back to our apartment, taking it easy, then showered. We’re ready for the next adventure: hunt for a place to have dinner. We read that even though there are numerous excellent restaurants on 5th Avenue, they’re expensive. There are excellent ones out of 5th Avenue, just require longer walk.

Taqueria El Fogon was the restaurant we pick for dinner for our first night. It has several locations in Playa del Carmen, tonight we ate at the one on Constituyentes between 25th and 30th ave. Everything was great, especially the tacos al pastor. I think we spent a couple of hours there, before we went back to the 5th Avenue. The street was more ‘alive’ at night than the day. Fancy lights, music,  beautiful people walking around… after a few drink for mom and dad (love the mojito!) and ice cream for the kids, we went back to our apartment to call it a night.