I am such a LOSER. How did I not know that my passport’s EXPIRED 2 weeks ago? And we’re flying tommorow morning already? Aaaaaaaa!!!!
Was so worried about Davi’s passport, I’ve forgotten mine. Hubby’s so upset he went out for a drive and came back with a pack of cigarette. Great, I just ruined his smoking cessation.

Since we’re flying to Chicago first and I know there’s an Indonesian embassy there, I went online to do research on how fast they can do this -passport renewal. According to their website, they normally process it in 2-3 working days; and that I’m going to need to have a red-background passport picture ready along with my passport and green card. Talked to hubby that I might be able to do the renewal in one day *knock on wood*  So he immediately call TED to change the flying date from Chicago to Cancun. Oh, just another 400 dollars for that *sarcastic*

While hubby’s dealing with TED, I went to Walmart to buy a red fabric for that stupid passport picture background. From there, drove to Copyworks to have my passport picture taken. I’m so thankful for these 24 hr stores, for emergency like this. Like my other passport pictures, I looked awful in this one. Red sleepy eyes, tired-looking face, with messy hair. Like Sir Vivian Fuchs said, “If you actually look like your passport photo, you aren’t well enough to travel.” How true. As for right now, I do not feel like traveling at all. I just want to crawl into my cozy bed and snore my way away for about a week.

Midnight. Finishing up with packing (being a procastinator myself) with 4 hours left to go. Hm… what else am I forgetting? Hubby got us a hotel to stay in for a night in Chicago. Ka-ching… another $$ I just cost. “There goes your massage by the beach, dear. And don’t even try to go shopping there,” he said. Yes sir… aye aye sir…

Yeesh, I’ll be dreaming of passport, red background, and planes now.