Last day of working today.
Leaving tomorrow for Mexico.
Feel a little guilty about leaving my coworkers in this tough situation *sorry guys*

We’ll fly into Cancun, MX, then take a 45 min drive to Playa del Carmen. We detest all-inclusive resort, that’s why we rented a condo in downtown Playa del Carmen: Villas Sacbe. We have our own kitchen and a huge couch that could sleep 2 person in. What’s the advantage? Just a block away from Playa del Carmen’s beach and very very close to 5th Avenue. The contact person for Villa Sacbe went on and on raving about this place. She said with a heavily accented English, “Oh you’ll love The Playa. Everybody loves The Playa. You will not regret your decision.” The way she says it makes me hate The Playa already. I got the impression that it’s a very touristy place. Oh well…

Very excited to see the ruins in Tulum, which is about an hour away from where we’re staying. Lots and lots of swimming, for sure! The whole stretch of the peninsula offers beautiful beaches -or at least from the pics I’ve seen in the Net. I prefer the beach over the swimming pool. Though I’ve heard so much about the cenotes (a type of freshwater-filled limestone sinkhole or doline in the Yucatan Peninsula) and pretty intrigued by it.

Mexican food. Hm… delicioso. I bet there’s more to it rather than tacos and burritos. Told the kids to keep an open mind when it comes to trying new food there. “It’s not bad, it’s just different” is still our motto. Will hunt for the authentic ones, not the fancy restaurants in The Playa *with sarcastic tone*

Mexico, aqui venimos…