I normally sleep in on weekends. Until either the dog or my son wake me up. Those two seem to be competing on who can get up earlier every day and that’s just not nice -especially not on weekends. However, I had to get up like normal today because I have to work at the Saturday Clinic at the other location. Saturday Clinic sees patients from 8:30-11:30 am and only for acute care like sore throat, sinus infection, or cold. Since it’s a first come first serve basis, we normally have a very full waiting room. One physician is working on a Saturday Clinic, sometimes with a P.A. (Physician Assistant) during the cold season. One nurse, one phone nurse, one lab assistant, and one receptionist.

This type of clinic reminds me of the doctor’s practice back home in Jakarta. You could say it’s pretty easy to find one close to your home. Normally you’d see one doctor’s office in a neighborhood. They do it in the convenience of their own houses. Their practice hours are usually in the afternoon, probably because they work in a hospital or other medical offices. No appointments necessary, first come first serve. There’s hardly a laboratory or X-ray in a privately-owned practice. But if you go to a [slightly] bigger clinic with multiple doctors, they’ll be able to do so.

I kind of miss having a doctor handy in the afternoons. The clinic here normally closes around 5:00 pm, unless you’re willing to go to the ER. Fifteen years ago, after an ongoing fever and weakness, my Mom took me to a doctor around 7:00 pm. At that point, I felt like we were waiting for eternity until the doctor sees me. Wouldn’t you know, my condition was so bad, I was sent to the ER the next morning, on my 19th birthday exactly. Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) was the reason, wouldn’t forget it for the rest of my life.

Not only a General Practitioners have their own practices at their own home in Jakarta, but also dentists, dermatologists, and vets. Like the GPs, these specialists also do not require appointments. I remember taking my kittie to a vet after a hot iron accident. Got her name and address from the Yellow Pages. Took a cab to go there without calling first because I was so worried. Luckily there was no other patients there, she took care of my Nala right away.

How I miss the convenience…