Last weekend we’ve had hail, freezing rain, and followed by snow. Our deck was covered with icycles, our drive way and sidewalks too. The road was super slippery, cars were crawling to avoid spinning or sliding. What usually takes me 15 minutes top to go to work, it was a slow 30 mins instead.

Then comes the blizzard. A nonstop 24hr snowing day with powerful wind, making things even worse. Powerline crashed down, tree branches broken, caused some household to loose power. My parents-in-law had no power for 3-4 days. Living in a 40 degrees house for that long, I don’t know how they managed it. Some preferred to leave their house and stay in a hotel/motel. Schools closed, daycare opened half day, caused me to stay at home again with the kids. TV news been showing cars ended up in the ditch around , the ‘white out’ situation where you can’t see anything when you’re driving but the whiteness of snow. Scarry stuff.

That’s why I can’t wait for our family vacation to Mexico. To get out from this crappy weather, to go to the blue water ocean, to play in the sun, to soak the sun, to relax. It’ll be our first visit to Mexico, so we’re all excited. Quintana Roo is the destination ‘state’. We’re flying into Cancun, then drive 45-50 mins to Playa del Carmen and stay in a condo close to the beach. We leave on March 6th, and back on the 14th.

To do plan: swimming in the beach a lot, teach Davi to snorkel, see the cenotes, go to Tulum to see the ruines, and eat the authentic Mexican food. 

Can’t wait.