Been reading depressing news about Jakarta’s being flooded lately. It amazes me on how little action the government has done to deal with this. It’s not something new… it happens repeatedly in the rainy season. Can’t they do something? My sister emailed me that she’s out of work for a couple of day due to power outage. Hm… sounds familiar.

To make life a little less depressing (is it even possible?), I chose not to write how a pain in the butt flood is. Rather, I was thinking of the good times I’ve had playing in the flood. I was about 8 or 9 years old. Unlike in the US, most of Jakarta’s neighborhoods do not have big yards. The space between houses are so tiny, they don’t even exist. The houses were like conjoined twins. The street we lived on was not very wide; it has gutters on both sides. In the rainy season, especialy when it’s raining all day, the gutters will filled up and floods the street. That’s when the fun begins, he heh…

I like playing in the rain too. Left the house with an umbrella (mother insisted), but coming home soakin’ wet. I know it’s rather ungirly to play in the flood. Can’t help it. Even after my mom got mad at me again and again. When it rain hard and crreated flood, I’d put my shorts on, run to my elementary school building (the perfect place), and played in the flood with [mostly] the boys. My favorite thing was to wait for any car to drive by and creates ‘wave’. It’s basically just like bodysurfing, but instead of blue ocean water, it’s the flood. Gross… I know.

One day, my aunt came home early from work and saw me in the pool of mud at school. She scolded me in front of everybody, pulled my ear and dragged me home crying. Still, it doesn’t stop me of coming back playing in the flood. I don’t know exactly why i liked it so much. It’s dirty water with parasites and the likes, made my skin itch afterwards. But I got paid (about a penny back then) when I help pushing a car or motorcycle trapped in the flood. How cool is that?

I’m only happy when it rains…”