I could throw in a bunch of lame excusses to justify why it took so long for me to finish this little project. I’ve been meaning to create a tabblo for my sister, Chika. It’s about her wedding day which was held in early November of 2006. And it’s finally done in mid February of 2007… it’s pathetic, I know.

But then, it’s the thought that counts, right? With the help of Picasa2, I did a little editing on [some of] the pictures then uploaded them to Tabblo. Tried so many different layouts/themes before the final one, probably why it took so long. If only I could decide on one and get on with it…

Looking through the pictures, I can’t help but reminiscing on how crazy that whole 10 days were. I went home to Jakarta to attend the wedding. Got there right on the second day of Eid ul-Fitr; where some restaurants were still closed, Jakarta felt emptier and the traffic wasn’t so bad. The crazy part was about the wedding preparation. Chika and her boyfriend (at that time), Derrie, did not have a wedding planner. They took care everything by themselves -booking the mosque for the ceremony and reception, sending the wedding invitation out, working on the cake/snack menu, etc. Since Eid ul-Fitr is the ultimate religious holiday in Indonesia, a lot of people tend to take longer holidays; thus resulting in business delays. We were in the car for a whole stinkin’ day, 9 am to 9 pm, try to get things done. The fifth day I’m in Jakarta, it was happened to be a Friday and that was the first time businesses are open again -cafes, clubs, restaurants, etc- so these Jakarta youngsters and party goers were out and about. Traffic jam was not even the right words to describe that chaotic night.

Both Chika and Derrie were still working full time and only have 1 day off before their wedding. Good thing is, the wedding was held on a Sunday so they had 2 days to relax before the big day. The pressure from wedding preparation and work load had caused some bickering bethween the two. She cried, she vented, she’s pissed, she’s stressed, and I’m sure Derry was too. They survived it, though. They worked their way through the tough time. I’m happy for them. And this is my little [belated] present for my little sister…

derrie + chika

they met online,

motorola28 and klapetaart.

him: “she’s playing [too] hard to get.”

her: “i was in a very complicated situation.”

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