Woke up this morning with this weird childhood song in my head. Then I found myself reminiscing the lyrics while still lying down on the bed -gathering my soul before jump into the shower. While scratching Max’s -my big puppy- ear, I sang the song I used to know when I was still in 5th or 6th grade.  This is not a traditional Indonesian children song. For some reason, I was almost certain that this song was more known among schoolchildren who were ‘Dokter Kecil’ or Little Doctor. It goes like this…

Aku anak sehat, tubuhku kuat
Karena ibuku rajin dan cermat
Semasa aku bayi, slalu diberi ASI
Makanan bergizi dan imunisasi

Berat badanku ditimbang slalu
Posyandu menunggu setiap waktu
Bila aku diare, ibu telah waspada
Pertolongan Oralit slalu siap sedia

I Google’d ‘Dokter Kecil’ and came up with this. I remember wearing funny white tops during the specific days I was serving. I remember being bossy telling my other friends or some 3rd graders on how to brush their teeth correctly. I remember falling asleep during the mini convention. I remember getting a certificate and was so proud to present it to my Mom. And now the Unicef made a feature article about it. Neat.

I wonder if that song that messed with my head was really a ‘Dokter Kecil’ song…