I’m in the middle of reading a book (or should I say comic?) by Maitena Burundarena called ‘Women On The Edge 1’. Maitena is a famous Latin-American cartoonist (was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina). You can’t help but laughing -at least smile- when you enjoy this book. Divided into several chapters, this book has one page of cartoon for each ‘issue’. Dedicated to all kind of woman (single, married, mom, teenager, etc), I found some similarities to my own’s. For example, under the issue of ‘Six things that upset a women’: being fat, not wearing the right clothes, being broke, being without cell phone restriction, smelling of onions, and when your ex hooks up with a goddess. Don’t we all ladies feel these at least once a week?

‘Eight things women do when they’re depressed’ according to Maitena are shop for clothes (how true!), get their hair styled, look in the mirror, sleep like a log eat like a pig (works for me the best!), call their friends, listen to very sad music, and ask themselves impossible questions. Personally, I would change the last one with ‘smoking while crying’.

Hilarious book with great cartoon for all women who are not necessarily have to be on the edge to read this.