That’s how discriminative job ads sound in Indonesia. You’d find these ads in most of the local newspapers. Explicitly and specifically asked for a certain somebody, normally for a job level like marketing staff, front office, etc. Even the higher level would still look for a certain age group -male or female- other than a requirement of a bachelor degree with a certain GPA. This site has some examples. Not only Indonesia’s working environment is discriminating in gender and age, but job opening doesn’t look very promising for people with disability either.

In my opinion, this unfair treatment resulted in difficulties finding a [decent] job in Indonesia, especially in big cities like Jakarta. If in the United States a high school graduate could work in fast food restaurants, then it’s not going to be that easy in Jakarta. I’ve seen people with disability work in places like Walmart, but I’ve never seen one in any of Jakarta’s big stores. Retired people were helping me finding stuff in Sam’s Club, I’ve seen none in Jakarta.

No wonder people from other country had accused Indonesians of being lazy, not wanting to continue working after retirement. It is not uncommon to see a healthy 60-something year old living with his/her family with no job or work. One household in Jakarta typically has a dependant who is either middle aged or elderly (they don’t really like to send the elderly away to nursing homes –might be a good topic to write about next time). Well, they can’t really work if nobody wants them, can they?

I got envy with my husband when he told me that he used to work in a farm when he’s a teenager. Picking corns was one of the toughest job (physically)  he’s done so far but it paid well for a kid his age back then. Finding a farm in Jakarta? They’re farming concrete buildings there. Illegal immigrants in the United States [unfortunately] got paid 8-10 bucks per hour to work in a kitchen restaurant. In Jakarta, KFC is requesting applicants for ‘Crew Restaurant’ to be between 18-22 year old and not currently a college student; while for a ‘Marketing Officer’ they want the applicants to be single, not more than 28 y.o., and a minimum GPA of 2.90 among the other requirements.

My mom who is in her mid 50s is going to loose her job due to the company’s bankruptcy. Panicking not able to find a job because of the discrimination of job ads, I’m now wishing that she’s here; she would enjoy working here in Walmart giving Smiley Face stickers to kids -if nobody would take advantage of her expertise in Public Relations. There’s always other choices, jobs without health insurance and really below minimum wage: servants, factory workers, janitor, etc. According to Jakarta Post, “A new, unmarried full-time worker in Jakarta will now be legally entitled to receive at least Rp 900,000 (US$98.7) a month, a 9.95 percent increase in the minimum wage from the current Rp 819,100. Meanwhile employees in the formal sector in West Java must now be paid a minimum wage of Rp 504,000, a 15 percent rise from the current Rp 447,000.”