From Curacao 2002

Being a minority sucks. Not only I stood out by not being ‘white’ at the receptionist desk, people could easily ‘spotted’ me over the phone by saying, “Oh I just got done talking with the other receptionist. I don’t remember her name but she got accent.” It’s probably innocent. No harm’s done. But I can’t help but being self conscience afterwards. Or when I mispronounced a word, for sure I’d receive a giggle -at least- with later on an excuse, “That’s just so cute the way you say it.” Sure.

With Christmas approaching, me being an agnostic is not helping much either. While my other co-workers were talking about Christmas-related stuff, I was all ears and smiley. When they asked how our family celebrates Christmas, I politely replied, “No, we don’t celebrate it.” Then their eyebrows got raised with a short ‘Oh?’ as a come back. Even in our department meeting, bunch of Christmas stuff were discussed like the department’s Christmas dinner, who will be our Christmas family this year, etc. Then of course, I had to be the [only] dumb one asking, “What’s a Christmas family?” It’s a department’s decission in choosing a family (does not have to be our department’s patients) this year to receive a donation from us.

I have no intentions to hate Christmas or who celebrates it. It’s just suck to be the only one who doesn’t, and nobody even awares. I guess people automatically assumed that I’ve no problem with it and that I will go along. They do know I’m not a Christian, they do know I’m not from here, they do know I don’t speak the language since I was born, they do know I’m not like them. Yet they assume I’m no different.

I was born and raised in a country with 5 religions (and other beliefs). With the dominant group of Islam, they too forget about the minorities. When it’s the holy fasting month (called Ramadhan), Moslems are not allowed to eat, drink, or smoke during the day and they expect non-Moslems to respect it -not to eat, drink, or smoke publicly. All night life activities (bars, restaurants, clubs, and the like) are not allowed to open late.

Wikipedia wrote, in socioeconomics, the term ‘minority’ typically refers to a socially subordinate ethnic group (understood in terms of language, nationality, religion and/or culture). Other minority groups include people with disabilities, ‘economic minorities’ (working poor or unemployed), ‘age minorities’ (who are younger or older than a typical working age) and sexual minorities (whose sexual orientation or gender identity differs from the sociological norm). Does this mean everybody can be a minority in one point of his/her life if not all through their life? Could be. So if you don’t like being treated like a minority, then be considerate, dont treat others like one.