When restaurants banned smoking inside their vicinities, smokers found relieves after meal by going outside the building; be it 80s degrees or 40s. Not enough by being shoo-ed away from restaurants (and other buildings), more pressure on smokers continued. Offices are setting perimeters for smoke-free zone, while some schools and colleges are even proposing to ban tobacco at all times on their grounds. So smokers went inside their cars to probably drive around to smoke, or just do it while the car parks. Nobody gets hurt, right?

Wrong. The urge to bash smokers hasn’t stopped there. A lady called a radio station when they were talking about tobacco banning and complain,”Not only their smokes are polluting the air, but the cigarette butts that got thrown away are polluting the earth.” Couldn’t help but laughing when I heard that, but I guess I can see her point. While the rest of the tobacco might get dissolved, the butt part might not. Then smokers will have to be responsible for the polluted mother earth, no?

Oops, my cigarette butt just went through out the car window…