I have a daughter. She is 5 and a half. I did not have her ear(s) pierced when she was born. Why? Not because I was afraid it’d hurt her. But based on the thought of favoring her choice. She does not to be ‘marked’ as a girl. She and herself know that she’s a girl, that’s what matters. When she gets older and decides to have her ear(s) pierced, that’s her choice, then we’ll have it done. For now, just because her ear(s) not pierced and because she plays soccer, does not mean that she’s less girly. For the practical reason, she enjoys wearing jeans; but then, most the girls do. She loves the color pink. She plays Barbies. She likes to play dress up as a princess. According to her, she even has a boyfriend at school.

Just because a girl is not wearing dresses most of the time, does not mean there’s something wrong with her. When I was back visiting home a couple of weeks ago, I overheard a middle-aged woman was talking to her son and his fiancee about their distant cousin who is a female but as she put it ‘dresses like a boy’. This lady was very displeased with that poor girl’s parents for not addressing the issue. That the parents letting her gets on her way, and with this, disgracing her family. The lady continued on by saying that the girls is ‘sick’ -probably thinks the girl is a lesbian. The lady’s face looked very concerned, as she shook her head so many times.

Now, is there a scientific explanation that if a girl likes to wear pants/jeans, automatically means that she is a lesbian? Are ear piercings a must?  I understand that the lady was probably look at it from a tradition/culture perspective and that’s just the way she brought up. But because nobody has told this lady otherwise, she kept on thinking narrow-mindedly. Somebody got to speak up. Trust me, it’s not disrespect. If somebody misjudged you, wouldn’t you want to explain?