Introducing: Max. He’s a 7-month young mutt. We rescued Max from the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Iowa on Wed, 10/11/06. It was 4:59 pm that day when my husband called at work. I was not aware that he’ll be getting a pet today. He was supposed to pick up the kids from school and daycare then take our daughter to the soccer practice. But instead, they’re at the ARL. He’s calling to get my ‘permission’ to adopt a puppy. I can hear the kids’ voice at the background. So how could I say no?

Got home 20 minutes later, slipped into my PJs, ready to relax after a busy day at work… then the phone rang. It was my hubby [again].

Him: “Umm… hun, they won’t let us take the dog home without your presence.”
Me: “Why?”
Him: “Their policy is to have all members of the family to meet the dog, then take it home.”
Me: “So?”
Him: “Can you drive here?”
Oh man
Me: “Not really. I’m at home in pajamas. Just tell them you don’t have a wife.”
Him: “Too late for that. Can you be here in an hour?”
Me: “Argghhh… do I have too?”
Him: “Kids are pretty excited. You wanna talk to them?”
Good move. Use the kids.

So there I was, on the road again, not [really] knowing where to go. Being so bad on directions, I knew I was going to get lost. And I did. Just 3 minutes left on my 1-hour allowance, we’re finally there. I went back to the kennel to see my puppy-to-be. In one of several 5×5 cells cages, there was a medium-sized white-with brown speckles pup laying down on the cold floor. But when he heard the kids’ voice, he sat right up. His long curly tail was wagging as the ARL staff opened the door. We decided to go home separately; paperworks took forever to finish and the kids were getting hungry.

My daughter decided to name him Max though his kennel name is not, “Jesse sounds like a girl’s name, Mom. Max is better.”
Don’t even argue, she’s 5.

So welcome aboard, Max… hope you’ll like us .