Maybe that’s why I won’t survive very good working with bunch of females. I don’t like gossiping or ganging up with others. I work as a medical receptionist in a clinic. In my [almost] 2 years of work, I witnessed a lot of butt kissing, brown nossing, and what have you. **Note: A “brown noser” is a sycophant, someone who flatters an individual for personal reasons. He is willing to do anything to get what he wants. Such an individual stoops so low that he often rubs his nose in the dirt – and in the process gets his nose brown! If you are willing to listen to a not-so-funny joke or boring stories from a doctor or supervisor, put on your fake smile and laugh annoyingly at the joke or story, then you’ll get special treats. Small little stuff or exception made for you and only you since you’re tight with somebody in power.

There is a fine line between being helpful and being a butt kisser. I tried from time to time when the front desk is not so busy, to help out with the medical records: filing charts back, making copies, faxing release of information, etc. But I don’t tell everybody that’s I’m doing it. I don’t need ‘thank yous’ or pat in the back right there in front of everybody. When I’m emptying the fax machine and distribute all the fax to the proper places, I don’t go around tell everybody. Well, I may flirt with the cute drug reps from time to time *hey… I’m only human* but I don’t use my ‘power’ to ask stuff from them nor requesting a special type of food from your favorite restaurant for everybody’s lunch.

As the result, I’m the one who’s behind on the latest news about this person’s divorce update, or this person’s son medical concern, or that person’s social life. As the result, my name was written on the whiteboard for being 15 minutes late *and got some [try to be funny] sarcastic comments* while the other person who was an hour late was not written. As the result, I don’t have special stuff ordered for my personal likings and paid with the office money.

Boo hoo