Around 7:29 am today, I stood proudly outside our house to see by daughter get on the school bus. She’s 5 1/2. She just started kindergarten this year. Waved goodbye to her and off I go to work.

Around mid morning, my jaw dropped as I read the news of the Pennsylvania’s Amish school shootings. It was just a few days ago when the Bailey, CO’s school shootings happened, now this again? My heart was pumping so fast to find out that the Amish shooter killed the victims execution style in the head. I felt like screaming “Whattt?!” to learn that he was planning to sexually assault those girls (read here). I glanced at my daughter’s picture by my computer. She is, too, a girl. She is, too, attends school. Is school not safe anymore for her? OMG, I do not want to be in that position. I can’t even able to imagine how the parents of the victims would feel. Numb? Angry? Frustrated?

I’m no expert in analyzing this matter psychologically or from a social-study point of view. I’m not going to put the blame on NRA for the gun accessability, or any phsychiatrist for failing to detect the depression/phsycological problem. I’m not blaming family members who don’t see it coming. I can’t point my fingers to the killer’s friends or neighbors for not being nossy enough and ignoring the potential concern.

I just want to mourn for the innocent children. I just want to voice my concern about school safety. I’m just worried about my kids. Shouldn’t I be?

I remember when I was in school. Back home, in Jakarta, where the population of that capital city of Indonesia was about 1 million. Elementary school is just a couple of blocks away. I walked to and from school. Everybody knows everybody, we’re all neighbors. I have [around] 30 other kids in my class. Never heard of any child was molested or kidnapped or harmed. Guess different time frame and different country, make a big difference?

So tell me, should we or should we not being a bit nosy? In my work line, you do need to be nosy if you know something’s not right about a patient. We report it to an RN if we see or hear somebody’s being abusive, for example. The RN then will talk to the physicians or to our office manager. But what about our neighbors? Friends? Are we obligated too? 

Then tell me, other than restricting child molesters to live too close to a school; is there any other way we can prevent a potential shooter for killing our children? The ghetto used to be blame for guns problems (shootings), but now… even a small white community of peace-loving Anabaptist Christian denomination was not safe.

You think you’ve raised your kids right. You’ve taught them to be nice to other people. But not everybody, I guess. One of us abuses their child; this child turned out to be a hater and will be an abuser later on. I know it’s probably tough on single parents to spend lots of time with your children because you probablt work 2 jobs; but since these killers have tendencies to have long-time grudges, do talk to your children. Don’t let them have hatred buried deep down in their hearts.

I glanced back at my daughter’s pic. She’s smiling. I am too now, because I know I’ll do my very best to keep her safe.