• Count anything by heart in Bahasa; money, books, etc. But not if I have to say it out loud like when we’re playing hide and seek.
  • Have to make rice to go with the KFC (that’s I rarely go dine in for KFC).
  • Eat pizzas and KFCs with my bottled seafood sambal.
  • Use the minyak kayu putih whenever I feel sicky. Rub it on the tummy if I feel bloated or have stomach ache, on my chest when I suffer from coughing, on my temple or behind my neck and gently massage it for any headaches, or just sniffle it when I had too much to drink.
  • Turn to my trusted white steamed rice + overdone fried egg + kecap manis when there’s nothing to eat.
  • Have my green Indonesia passport and have to obtain visa anywhere I go (unlike my hubby and my two kids *hmph*).
  • Wear my sweatpants and long-sleeve shirts plus a pair of socks inside our house all year. In the summer, the AC is too cold for me; in the winter, heater is not warm enough. The curse of being a tropical creature.
  • Missing Jakarta and my family back home…