Davi had an appointment with her pediatric dentist yesterday afternoon. She got some cavities and need fillings… for ten of her little teeth. She got all worked up about the appointment even the night before, she couldn’t sleep. When I got home from work, I saw Davi’s left cheek was swollen. Evidently, the injection they gave her to numb the area was too painful for her. She had five shots, unfortunately. My poor baby who’s normally bouncing off the wall, being silly and happy, now she’s just sitting on the couch playing XBox and looking so sad. Drooling from time to time, she sometimes rubbed her left cheek and moaning, “ouwie…”  Couldn’t eat anything but applesauce, couldn’t lay her head on the left side because it “hurted my cheek”, she said. Even when we were just watching a movie in my bedroom, with her sitting on my bed kind of leaning on me, she complained, “Mom, my cheek is getting low.”

This morning, when she usually excited about Monday and Wednesday (soccer practice), she was not very thrilled with the idea of practicing soccer and probably scared of the thought of some other kids innocently hurt her cheek. “It hurts even when I run,” she sadly complained.

My poor little girl, I wish I could take your pain away…