Based on the soonest air time:

  1. Survivor Cook Islands – CBS – starts 9/14. Big hoopla: Segregation (teams are divided by race).
  2. Amazing Race – CBS – starts 9/17. Interesting mix of teams: Moslem brothers, Indian couples, Korean, cheerleader, ex pageant queens, and model/recovered drug addict. Hmm…
  3. Criminal Minds – CBS – starts 9/20. Part two of a psychopath who used personal information to ensnarl the profilers in the mystery of a missing young girl.
  4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – CBS – starts 9/21. Wow… two killer episodes! Titled ‘Built to Kill’, I saw the premiere clip with Cirque du Soleil in it. What a great combo! 
  5. Lost – ABC – starts 10/04. What I’m waiting for: to hear more about the Others.

Guess I’ll be staying at home a lot…