Eight more days until Davi starts Kindergarten. Four months ago, Davi and I went to the Kindergarten Round Up (that’s when soon-to-be Kindergartners and their parents were invited to visit with the school’s officials) at Gilbert Elementary School. Since then, my husband and I observed that Davi had evolved in so many areas, mostly her thinking ability and her keen interest in art (drawing, mostly). I know how parents can be subjective when it comes to their children’s ability, but I can’t help but amazed on how smart she is, how extraordinary her drawings are, and how observant she is.

So I went online to do some research about 5-year-old development, and this site has a very interesting article:

Signs of giftedness in a 5- to 8-year-old
Your child may be gifted if she: 

• Thinks abstractly; that is, she grasps advanced mathematical and linguistic concepts and can talk about such complex issues as ethics, morality, and religion. >> Facts: Davi is aware that it’s not nice to stare or point her fingers at somebody with disability; she had asked ‘what is God?’; she understands why some people do not celebrate Christmas; she does not like wearing [summer] dresses without pair of shorts underneath it -she said ‘people might see your underwear.

• Has a specific talent, such as the ability to perform mathematical calculations in her head, or understand concepts like multiplication before they are taught in school. >> Facts: Although she doesn’t know how to multiply yet, she’s okay with additions.

• Is able to intensely concentrate and focus on one activity for long periods. >> Facts: She concentrates the most for drawing, computer activities, doing arts, video games, then role-playing.

• Has a large vocabulary and understands words not typically used by peers. >> Facts: Davi says ‘humongous’ when describing something really big; likes to start the sentence with ‘Actually…’ after a deep thought; and she always asked us the meaning of new words; throws in a little Spanish or Bahasa here and there.

• Is a leader; that is, often organizes group activities, such as initiating games when she’s with other children. >> Facts: Well, this is kind of hard to witness when she’s in daycare, but she’s the game leader at home. She’d come up with ideas on what games we should play tonight, roles for each person, and games rules.

• Is confident in her accomplishments and ideas. >> Facts: She is not afraid trying new things because she knows we always support her; her pre-K teachers often praise her accomplishment at school; can’t get enough of her wild ideas.

• Performs well in academic areas. >> Facts: Not all areas.

• Is creative; that is, she loves to tell stories, draw, or compose songs. >> Facts: Davi loves to draw. Her drawings are amazing *I don’t even think I can draw that good right now*. She doesn’t know how to write a whole sentence yet, but we gathered all of her drawings in a big folder, and she’d come up with different wild stories every night. She’d compose a song with her pink Barbie accoustic guitar. My favorite? The one with a knight and a dragon; how they got into a fight, then the dragon got killed by the knight’s sword.

• Has a sense of humor and appreciates wit. >> Facts: Davi is the queen of [nonsense]jokes, is a silly goose, loves Spongebob dearly, and rather pose with a funny face when her picture is taken.

• Prefers to spend time with older children and adults. >> Facts: Davi loves and loved by our friends. She can hang out and chat with our best friends who are in their 40s.

• Performs academic work that is two years ahead of her grade level. >> Not yet proofed.

• Is sensitive to other people’s feelings. >> Facts: Just few days ago, on our way to daycare, we drove past a building that has ‘Dialysis Center’ sign on it. A sad looking old guy was walking slowly in the parking lot. Davi pointed that out to me and how she felt sorry for that guy. I asked her what did she think cause his sadness. “Maybe he just lost his job and now he’s sad because he can’t give money to his family.”

• Memorizes facts easily and can recall them and relate them at appropriate times. >> Facts: My husband told her a joke once a long time ago, Davi remembers every details of it and even corrected my husband when he tries to re-tell that joke. She watched an episode of Scoby-doo twice at the first time and the next day she could sing the theme song word by word.

So, based on these fasts, is Davi gifted? I don’t know… I’m happy either way and I’m proud of her.