Children learn from us, right? They mimick us and say the same things we say -hopefully the good ones. When he watches TV, my son put his hands behind his head and one leg on top of another, just like dad. I hate to admit this, but unfortunately my daughter burps like me. I’m a clean freak like my mom and my husband walks like his dad.

In our little family, we have a way of breaking unpleasant newss, “Hey hun, I have bad news and good news.” For example, when we had to cancel the camping trip:

“Davi, Dante, we have bad news and good news. Bad news is we can’t go camping this weekend.”

“What’s the good news, then?”

“We’re going to do some fun stuff instead; go swimming, see a movie, have a picnic. Is that OK?”


Later on…

Davi, my five year old, came up to me one day and said, “Mom, I have bad news and good news.”

“Uh oh. What’s the bad news, hun?”

“Beary has boo-boos. His legs are falling off. Some white things are coming out of him. See?” She handed me her stuffed animal (bear) carefully .

“Yeah, I see… so what’s the good news then?”

“I love you.”

Not related. But I’ll take it.