Road rage (also road violence) is the informal name for deliberately dangerous and/or violent behavior under the influence of heightened, violent emotion such as anger and frustration, involving an automobile in use. This can involve deliberately hitting another person, vehicle or object with his/her own vehicle and/or firing a weapon from it. Other possibilities include hitting the person or vehicle with an item which is not his vehicle, but which ultimately hits another person or vehicle. Getting out of one’s vehicle to another person’s vehicle and banging, knocking on the windows, and yelling insults, is another form of road rage.

Heck… I’m not THAT crazy hardcore. I’m not a perfect driver, either. But man… I just can’t take these anymore:

  • Those who can’t time their turning; right after they turn, got in your lane, just a few inch in front of you, then slowed down.
  • Those who prefer not to turn their freakin’ bright lights off in a broad daylight.
  • Those who don’t use turning signals; just counting on you to magically know that they are going turn [abruptly].
  • Joggers or cyclists who won’t use the sidewalk or bike path; taking half of the driving lane. If these are the same people who are whining to the City to build more sidewalk/bike paths, I’d be piss even more.
  • Slow people in the fast lane.
  • Tailgaters! Get off of my butt, buddy!