SYTYCD or So You Think You Can Dance is a program from Fox network that searches for America’s best undiscovered dancing talent. This is their second year, and is produced by Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe who also did American Idol. I like watching the routine, not the judges or the dreadful host. I think the packaging of the show is very much like Idol. Nigel is just like Simon -Brit accent and can sound like an ass too, Mary Murphy who is almost as obnoxious as Paula Abdul, the stage set up, the supposedly-tensed announcement who’s going to be in the bottom three and got voted off.

I like dancing, thus I like this show. I’m amazed on how diverse style of dance is. Even in one root, a dance can be divided into several styles or categories. Example: hip-hop. There’s breaking, locking, and popping. Ballroom can be divided into modern ballroom (waltz, tango, slowfox, quickstep) and latin america (rumba, chacha, jive, samba, pasodoble). I don’t have a formal dancing background. I don’t know how to dance a specific style. Just happen to be able to coordinate my move with the music and don’t look so dorky. I remember my mom used to make me go to the dance class to learn the Indonesian traditional dances: tari Gambyong (Java), tari Pendet (Bali), tari Mandau (Kalimantan), etc. All of which I regrettedly forgotten how to. Growing a little bigger, I voluntarily performed contemporary-like dances in a small occasions. Joined the dance club in high school and college [finally got paid to dance].

Back to my guilty pleasure. I got hooked on this show ever since they started the debut last year. I’ve scheduled the weekly recording of this show in my Tivo. I can skip through the commercials, pause, and replay my favorite dance routine. Now i’m looking forward for Wednesday and Thursday night. Wednesday is when they perform, Thursday is when the vote is announced.

From 20 finalists, my favorite female dancer is Donyelle Jones. Dony is the oldest female finalist, although she’s only 26. This jazz and hip-hop specialist has an awesome personality. At first the judges were kind of concern about her weight, but Dony proofed them wrong. First part of the competition, Dony who partnered up with Benji Schwimmer, perform an awesome hip-hop routine coreographed by Shane Sparks. dony was so energetic yet flexible. A week later, she’s smoking in her red dress doing a cha-cha routine. Though she does not have any background or training in this sexy dance, she nailed it. This week, Dony and Benji performed a pop jazz routine by Brian Friedman. They did okay, not so great like their previous ones. I don’t think it was the right choice of clothes and hairdo for Dony, but like always… she appeared very confident. This couple amazingly worked together so well. The chemistry between them is strong… like they’ve danced together for quite some times.

So… you think you can dance?