When I saw the preview of the movie Cars, I had no idea that this cute movie will make my eyes watery and felt mushy afterwards. Having worked as an automotive journalist for about 4 years made me appreciate this Pixar/Disney’s creation even more. When the character Sally appeared, I instantly know that she’s a Porsche Carrera. The pit stop shot reminded me of the time when I covered 1999 Formula One race in Malaysia (not exactly the same process, but similar).

Cars is not only hillariously funny, but the maker also did a good job in finding parallels between cars and people. the characters, which are [of course] automobiles, appear and behave just like us. There is Mater, a rusty tow truck, who spoke like a hillbilly. Fillmore, a 1960 Volkswagen bus, who represents itself as a hippie. Gotta love the Italian duo: Luigi, 1959 Fiat 500 and Guido the diminutive forklift. Just like me, Luigi and Guido are avid fans of Ferrari. They dressed as tifosi when watching Lightning McQueen -the protagonist- street racing Doc Hudson. Recently, it has become common to use the word ‘tifosi’ to refer to the supporters of Scuderia Ferrari, particularly in Formula One. Almost at the end of the movie, Luigi’s tire shop was visited by sport cars and one of them was [according to Luigi] Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F50. Luigi fainted after it introduced himself. Guido passed out right hearing the F50 talked to him in Italian.

All in all, I was really pleased with this movie. It has a lot of meaningful message in it. Appropriate for all ages, from toddlers to car geeks.

4 thumbs up!