This morning, the daycare’s manager told me that my son was called in to the office yesterday for misbehavior. Bam! Felt like my heart punched by a gigantic fist.
What happened?
According to her, Dante made a bad decission by following other boys running around when it was nap time. He defied the teacher when asked to stop and lay down on the cot. “But they did it…” I can picture him tried to ‘reason’ with the teacher.

Since this was his first time (and not really in his personality, according to his teacher and  personally), they were not so hard on him. The manager asked me not to worry so much, that she  understood Dante’s not a troubled kid. Still, I feel the need to talk to him so this won’t be a habit. “Kids come from different families. They behave differently based on what they see at home. I know that your son is not like them.”

My knees started to shake… My son. My sweet Dante. Trouble. Bad influence.

On my way to work from daycare, I couldn’t help but thinking about this. My mind went wild. Dante in detention. Dante in the principal’s office. Dante behind bars. Aaaaaaahh!  Too scary. Got to stop.

After talking to the other Moms at work, I decided to approach my three and a half year old son not with anger. I’ll let him know that i’m disappointed. According to this site, actually his defiance is how a preschooler asserts himself.Iit’s a sign that his sense of identity is stronger and more secure. When he refuses to cooperate, it’s like he’s saying, “I don’t like your rules.” How interesting.

I know my son. He can be as stubborn as a donkey, but he’s a sweet boy. He can be naive and be a bad influence follower, but he loves to please. I’ll talk to him later when i pick them up from daycare. I’ll be kind but firm, i’ll keep in mind that disciplining him doesn’t mean controlling him, and to respect his age and stage.