How many of you now working in the field where you’ve spent years and years studying it in college? Or even close to it? Ain’t gonna be me. I’ve spent 5 years studying Industrial Engineering [also known as IE] in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since high school, I’ve always wanted to work in IE industry. Ideally.

At that point in time, I felt like these terminologies related to physics, calculus, chemistry, quality control, applied ergonomics and work design, or production systems are everywhere! I saw them on my dinner plate, I saw them come out from a friend’s mouth when we were talking, I saw them on the sky, and even in my dream. I was so close to get my Bachelor of Science degree but due to financial reason, I had to find a job. A real one. I was part-timing in a grocery store back home on/off for 2 years. But it wasn’t enough.

Got a job as an automotive journalist with a bi-weekly automotive magazine owned by Gramedia, one of the big publishers in Indonesia. Still trying to work on my research and thesis… too bad so sad, my work hour was so crazy, I couldn’t do two things at one time. University required me to do a 3-month internship and work required me to at least write 4-5 articles per edition. Just couldn’t do it. I gave up pursuing my degree finally.

For 4 years, my main interest was all about cars, bikes, autoraces, audio/stereo, and the automotive enthusiasts. I breathed smokes from the exhaust pipe –literally. I became a hardcore fan of Formula One race and a true tifosi of Scuderia Ferrari -still am. Befriended with all these interesting characters in the automotive and autosport world, domestic and international. I really enjoyed being an automotive journalist.

Met my hubby and move to United States in 2000, enroll to ISU to study journalism & communication. Later I changed my mind and switch to early childhood education for about 2 years. I was a pretty ambitious student. So even though I was big and pregnant with our second baby, I forced myself to sit in the comp lab for hours and hours doing my projects. I loved the time doing the student teaching with kindergarten teachers in two different elementary schools.

Then i had my son.
Then i postponed school.
Then my hubby and I self-taught to be wedding videographer; how to shoot, how to edit, how to use Mac, how to operate lightning equiptment.

Isn’t it interesting… 15 years ago, i live in IE world. 5 years later, I entered the automotive world. 4 years after that, I kind of peeked into the education world. And now, for about a year and a half, I’m settling in the health industry. From canker sore to tachycardia, from depression to bipolar disorder, from aviation physical to malaria epidemics, from medical records to co-pay; these are the things I come across every day.

So, am I regretting the fact that I don’t work in IE industry? Heck no. You learn something new every day in life. Even if it’s not related to work you’re doing right now, it doesn’t matter. It will enrich you.

[Mmm… what’s next? Always interested in learning other languages. Mandarin, anyone?]