The original plan was to go camping at Lewis and Clark State Park on Memorial Day weekend. Made all the arrangements, paid the reservation fee for 3 nights, but the weather forecast showed 90-something degrees Fahrenheit and terribly humid for that weekend. We decided not to go. Too miserable to sleep in a hot and humid tent. Wasn’t very excited about getting sunburn, either. Talked the kids out from the idea of going camping. Wasn’t easy, though. They were hard bargainers. We achieved an agreement to make a list of fun stuff to do for the 3 days: go to Dave’s party (his son graduated from high school), fishing, swimming, make a fire pit and grill hot dogs and marshmallows, and go to the park to ride our bikes.

We were managed to do all the stuff except for the last one. Went to Dave’s house at Roland, IA, on Saturday night from 8 to 10:30pm. Kids had fun playing with the miniature John Deere’s truck. Sunday evening we went to Kurt and Mary’s house for the ‘bon fire’. They have a fire pit in the woods behind their house, and they were nice enough to have us there. Dante was busy trying to help kurt finding fire woods or branches. Kids were behaving at their best and was having good times. Of course, this means a lot of talking.

Dante (every two minutes): “What’s that??? Did you hear that sound, Mom? It must be a bear” -Yeah, right, a bear in the middle of midwest’s backyard woods? I don’t think so, sweetie.

Davi: “Oh no!!! You got something on your shirt! A bug! A bug!” –Honey, it’s the woods… bugs are supposed to be around.

The fishing trip was not very successful, unfortunately. We went to Ada Hayden Park and it was windy. Kids were having a hard time with their little poles. They were very interested watching the process of putting the bait up.

Davi: “Will the worm still be alive in the water?” –After daddy yanked the head off and put it on the bait? Nope.

Dante [wiggling his fish pole impatiently]: “Umm… mom? Where’s the fish? I don’t have fish yet.”
“Just be patient, honey. Sometimes fishing could take some times.”
“Yes, Dante?”
“I’m done.”

The kids had more fun at the swimming pool. Davi calls it the ’rainy’ swimming pool because of the sprinklers and shower-like water feature they have. Her new 2-piece swimsuit looked adorable on her. It was pretty windy and a bit overcast. I was amazed on how fast the kids adjusted to the cold water. I couldn’t even dip my legs in.

Went home… had supper… played Pogo game a little bit… watched cartoon with Dante… then straight to bed. Got to work tommorow morning. Back to reality.